We live in an amazing, amazing world, and it's wasted on the XXXXXXX generation of spoiled idiots. They wine and complain about how long it takes to get a message, a web page....just give it a second, it's going to space! Louis CK on Conan O'Brien

We live in an amazing, amazing world, and it’s wasted on this generation of spoiled idiots.
They whine and complain about how long it takes to get a message, a web page….just give it a second, it’s going to space!
Louis CK on Conan O’Brien

In the early days of computers when floppy disks were truly floppy I doubt we could have foreseen where computers would take us. We popped in a diskette to load a program, performed the task that the computer was needed for, then, shut the whole thing down.  Computers were clunky and slow and could only do one thing at a time, they were for computing, no frills, no bells, no whistles. As technology increased (vacuum tubes going the way of the dinosaur) and manufacturing techniques became more sophisticated consumers demanded that our computers become smaller, faster, more useful, and that is exactly what we got! In fact, we have been so successful that my phone has 100 times the computing power that my old IBM XT model had.  With access to these “super computers” 24/7 it is no wonder that ecommerce, especially mobile ecommerce, is flying through the roof.  Consumers are checking out your website on the train, at the bistro and while walking on the treadmill. If your site isn’t mobile friendly the user on the train will probably stay – they are bored and have nothing else to do. On the other hand the guy on the treadmill is definitely going to ditch your site. It’s just too small to read while he bobs up and down. OK, that might be a little farfetched, but the scenario isn’t too far from the truth. If your site isn’t easy to use on the device the user has, the user will go to website that is.


02-24-2013 | Web Design
Godaddy Servers go down

Pictoral Representation of Godaddy’s Server Status

Where were you September 10th, 2012? If you are like many of GoDaddy’s customer’s you were sitting at your browser hitting your refresh button over and over again while simultaneously watching the trending #GoDaddyCrashes topic on Twitter.

Sometimes being one of the masses can be a liability. Instead of safety in numbers you are one of the expendable many. Rumor and report has it that hacker’s took down GoDaddywith a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS). Why? Perhaps because GoDaddyannounced it’s support of the US Congress’s bill SOPA, anti-piracy legislation, which caused GoDaddyto come under fire from activist groups. While some of those groups were hackers, GoDaddyrenounced their position on SOPA months ago. So, why now? (more…)

09-19-2012 | Domains, Web Hosting

The Timeline View for Infinity AutoWe all know that Facebook‘s Timeline for pages was no April Fools joke. On March 30th, 2012 Facebook made the mandatory switch for all Facebook Pages from the standard layout to the new Timeline. Along with the launch came a myriad of hopes and dreams and a few dashed strategies. Gone are the days of landing pages and 100+ page tabs. The new Timeline is streamlined and story focused.


04-18-2012 | Graphic Design, Social Media

I have been using Hosting Matters for web hosting before I new how to float a <div> and despite their wonderful service, great pricing, and intuitive user interface, I have never liked their mail clients. Besides the somewhat confusing log-in url, the landing page is downright confusing (for me to explain to clients).

Once you log-in you are brought to an admin page, which you can’t bypass. You can resest your password or set your autoresponder here and most importantly you can access your email. Yes, each time you log-in you have to pick again your mail client.


02-27-2012 | Freelance, Web Hosting

My last act as Art Director and Webmaster at STYLE Advertising was the redesign and launch of their new website: styleadvertising.com.

We had three main goals with the redesign:

  • New design that reflected the direction the agency is moving in
  • The site needs to provide more information: from services to internship programs
  • Non developers at STYLE need to be able to update the site themselves

I chose WordPress as the CMS platform. It’s easy to learn and update. The Open Source community provides infinite widgets and plugins for any need they might have – and best of all – I know, understand and LOVE WordPress.

What makes up the new STYLE website?

  • Custom theme built off the Toolbox framework
  • Flash on the home page – highlighting STYLE’s core services
  • Expanded Portfolio showing samples for all types of media
  • Content written to improve SEO
  • Plugins for Contact Forms, Columns, Maps and Gallery
  • An easy to use platform to encourage a site that will remain fresh for years to come
STYLE Advertising Website

The NEW STYLE Advertising Website

Throughout the year I have been working at STYLE Advertising I have worked with many websites from start-ups to established established businesses; new sites, temporary sites, redesigns and overhauls–we have handled it all. I have worked as the developer building out the HTML and CSS of websites with other designers providing the code and on the flip side of the coin I have provided other developers my Photoshop files for them to code.

Besides web design I also worked with print advertising and marketing, maintaining running advertising campaigns for Medical Weight Loss Solutions and designing products for Bass Minder.

Building this site was my last official act at STYLE Advertising. I was offered, and accepted, a position at Infinity Auto Insurance doing solely web design. While I will miss working at an agency I am very excited to become a part of the Infinity Brand.

Now, to Infinity, and beyond!

01-12-2012 | Graphic Design, Web Design

This year’s STYLE Advertising holiday message came in the form of an eCard and video starring yours truly and the rest of the STYLE gang.

Happy Holidays from the crew at STYLE Advertising

Have a Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

12-21-2011 | Holiday
Tim & Emily Stooksberry

Tim & Emily Stooksberry

At of October 15th, 2011 at 6:15 pm Central Standard Time I married my best friend Tim Stooksberry. For those that need the details our colors were Blue & Purple; we were married on the rooftop of the Redmont Hotel at Sunset; and the father daughter dance was the theme song for Star Trek: The Next Generation.

I did receive a few suggestions for my new name: some were practical – keep the middle name in addition to the maiden name, some were modern – have Tim change his name, and some were just funny: Stooksberry-Hunter! While I did laugh at the thought of myself in a safari outfit hunting for the elusive “stooks” berry I ultimately decided on Emily Hunter Stooksberry.

It will probably be a week or more before I remember to answer to Mrs. Stooksberry; in the mean time I’ll be working on updating my name across all of my email, social media and professional accounts.

Thank you Marcia DeFiore for the fabulous photos.

10-26-2011 | New
The Surgeons' Group, Specializing in Bariatric Surgery

The NEW Surgeons' Group Website

STYLE Advertising has been working with Dr. John Mathews since the first of the year. First we developed a direct mail piece elaborating on the benefits of baratric surgery and now on a new, and improved, website.

The brochure piece was directed to referring doctors, small, compact, to the point. The website on the other hand is for the curious client, the potential patient. It deals with everything from the procedures themselves, the risks, common fears, and even how to deal with insurance companies.

The original website is a SEO nightmare. The header was a scan of a business card, the home page text was a giant jpg, even the domain name redirected you to a “web.me” address! Currently I’m working on bringing it up from wherever poor SEO banishes websites.

My first goal, besides having index-able text, was to work on the design and site’s organization. Dr. Mathews does more than just gastric bypasses, but you don’t shop around when your gall bladder is about to rupture so you don’t need a website for those areas of the practice. The site could be expanded, to include more information on the other laparoscopic procedures he performs, but for now the main focus is on baraitrics.

Some of my favorite features is the BMI calculator and the seminar form. Patients can register for seminars online, and get reminder emails. This has probably been one of my all time favorite sites to build. The guys at REALIZE & LAPBAND gave me great content to work with, which means that I can do more design and less writing. They included figures, stats, charts and videos.

www.surgeonsgrouppc.com has transformed into a real resource for candidates of bariatric surgery and their family.

Coming soon: Surgeons’ Group’s new Facebook page!

09-20-2011 | Graphic Design, Healthcare, Web Design

We have just finished a great new website. Who is “we,” you might ask? We are STYLE Advertising. I might not have mentioned it yet, but I was hired by STYLE at the beginning of 2011 to do print and web media – and, isn’t it sweet! For the past 8 months I have been working on a number of websites for lawyers, entertainers, health professionals and the newest restaurant to hit downtown Birmingham – Sweet Tea.

Sweet Tea Restaurant

Sweet Tea Website

The Sweet Tea project included developing the brand: down home southern cooking, Greek flair, and an expansive 200 item menu in a restaurant suited for downtown professionals, college kids and Sunday school gatherings. The restaurant is actually a cafeteria, serving some 50 items each day. Monday you can have lasagna, Tuesday pastichio. This did present an interesting challenge when building the website, especially the not yet unveiled online order placement.We also developed 9 menus: one for breakfast, one for dinner, and seven weekday lunch menus. The online component was built so that Sweet Tea could add their own items at will, set date ranges to display seasonal items, or schedule a month’s worth of cobblers, pies and puddings.

I must say that it has been a huge success. The restaurant is getting a lunch crowd in multiple hundreds, thanks to the great PR at STYLE.

08-23-2011 | Graphic Design, Web Design

As the real estate industry has continued to dwindle I’ve found it necessary to take matters into my own hands. In this down market I have a few options until the economy perks up: pursuing more freelance work, bagging groceries, or going back to school. I’ve already put in my mandatory retail time with Wal-Mart and food service time at a local sub shop, so I’ll put bagging groceries on the back burner. With my darling already in Medical School, I don’t think my bookshelf could handle any more books which leaves the freelance option.

Where does one find freelance work? So far word of mouth is working for me. Marketing research always points to a reputation being key, and I’ve spent the past 5 years building up my reputation as a graphic designer, web developer and general computer guru. Some even say I’m magical. Really they do, the agents at LAH Real Estate have renamed the Photoshop Clone Stamp Tool “Emily’s magical turn on lights, fix blemishes, restore shingles, mow the grass, trim the hedges Tool.” The liquify Tool is free Botox AND Lipo in one!

Product Card

Info card for Trade Show

What kind of magic do I make these days? Technical Illustrations for patents, postcards, HTML for emails, websites both big and small.

In the final stages of development I have a website for a home builder in North Central Alabama and I just finished m work with the  “Podna” project.

If you need a freelance designer, send me an email, or give me I call – I’d love to help!

12-01-2010 | Graphic Design