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I truly think that all aspects of life should have a manual. Cars have manuals, even my blender has a manual – but the web does not. By it’s very nature the world wide web is a mass of information. Sometimes this information is perfect, sometimes it is misleading, and other times you know it is out there but you just can’t find the right keywords to use to find it.

The Missing Manuel

Books are also full of information, but they are solid physical objects. You can find them easily by title and browse through to find your information.

Recently I started working on a new website – something far grander than my little “about me” websites. This website needed a front for clients, a back for managers, a database to hold the information and in general more coding than I was used to.

Always up to the challenge I found the Adobe Dreamweaver’s Developer’s Toolbox (ADDT) and figured hey – how hard could PHP be? It was different from HTML & CSS and I didn’t even know where to start.  I went out to the store and got a the Dreamweaver Missing Manual. After a few days with that I did end up supplementing with Google’s results for my queries and a Training from the Source book.

Now, lets all echo(Where are the rest of the manuals?);

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