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The release of CSS3 and HTML5 has brought about a new trend in web design: the One Page Design. As the name implies the One Page Design is just a single webpage that contains all of the websites content. Oftentimes the One Page Design has a navigation bar at the top of the page, just like any other site you might frequent, but instead of each menu item linking to a new page the navigation shoots you down the page, to the appropriate section.

Why the popularity?

The web is faster now. I don’t just mean your internet connection, but browsers are more efficient too. New standards mean that pages load faster. Designers have more tools for optimizing images and rendered content. All of this means that having a page that scrolls on for centuries won’t make your hourglass spin for days while the page loads.

The rise of mobile internet access also means adapting to that audience. Pew cites that 63% of adult cell owners us their mobile phone to go online and 34% go online MOSTLY with their phones. Mobile users will find single page websites easier to navigate. Scrolling with your thumb on your cell phone device is second nature, and you never have to wait for a page to refresh.

Who should get a single page website?

Almost anyone can use a single page website. A small start-up can be hard pressed to fill 5 or 6 full pages of a website, but with a one pager, the task is much less daunting. Most business ventures at some time have need of a landing page. Landing pages are perfect opportunities for single page websites. Your message is clear and focused.

Conversely, corporations and eCommerce sites can’t rely on a single web page to carry the bulk of their content. They must have a full website with pages, sub-pages, hierarchy (and hopefully a site map to help you navigate. News sites are another example where a one page website would leave users wanting.

What should a one page website contain?

Highly targeted content. Know your audience, what they need, and what you want them to know. Everything else gets the ax. When your content is tailored to your audience your bounce rates will go down, keeping visitors on your site longer, and hopefully sharing it with other like minded members of their community.

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