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Earlier this month I was asked to convert lagniappe-designs.com to an easy to use CMS.  The site was subtle, had almost no text on it, and just a few pictures. It had been built by a friend of a friend, and hadn’t been updated in years.

Lagniappe Designs

The old Lagniappe Designs

I really wanted to bring it up a notch. Introduce vibrant colors, zoom in on the flowers, and add more content to the site. Lagniappe Designs is not a large scale florist operation. They are small, witty, and unique. They needed a site that represented them and would make them stand apart from all of the chain florists in town.

Being a small shop and “do it yourself” types, Lagniappe really wanted to manage their own site, so I chose WordPress as the CMS. We chose a theme and I went to work, adding color and content to their site.

The site isn’t quite done yet, and knowing the tinkering nature of this awesome florist, it might never be – but now Lagniappe Designs has the tools to control their own internet destiny.


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