Harper’s Story

Role: Web Designer, Print Designer

Platform: Web, Print

Client: MUSC Office of Development

Relationship: Employee

Description: Organize a 6 chapter video series that tells the story of a complex diagnosis to donors in a way that is both compelling and easily understood by the lay-person. Created a parallax landing page to showcase the photography, and to provide an overview of the story as a whole. Each section linked to a video landing page which was accompanied by a text story. To aid viewers, a glossary was constructed outlining common terms mentioned throughout the journey. This glossary was placed on each page as a tab to users could watch the video and have a quick reference without leaving the page.
2018 Grand Gold Award by CASE
The video story was re-purposed as the 2017 Annual Report on Charitable Giving to MUSC. I designed this in InDesign for production on at the MUSC print shop.


Circa: 2017

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