Harper’s Story

Role: Web Designer, Print Designer

Platform: Web, Print

Client: MUSC Office of Development

Relationship: Employee

Description: Microsite to present a 6 chapter video series that telling the story of a complex diagnosis to donors in a way that is both compelling and easily understood by the lay-person.

Parallax landing page showcases the photography, and to provide an overview of the story as a whole.

Chapter pages each tell a portion of the story with video and text. The medical diagrams and definitions are available by toggling off of the story and into the medical glossary.

2018 Grand Gold Award by CASE

The video story was re-purposed as the 2017 Annual Report on Charitable Giving to MUSC. The 20 page report was designed in InDesign for production at the MUSC print shop.


Circa: 2017

Harper's Story Website

Harper's Story
Harper's Story
Harper's Story
Harper's Story