Role: Designer, Developer

Platform: Web, Print, Social, On-Site

Client: MUSC Office of Development

Relationship: Employee

Description: The annual #GivingTuesday campaign raised over half a million dollars for MUSC. The comprehensive campaign touched all areas of marketing: direct mail, digital signage, targeted email, social media posts and retargeted ads.

The design reflects MUSC's tripart mission of patient care, education, research as well as balancing elements from the global #GivingTuesday theme and the MUSC enterprise brand.

Emails were customized with imagery and messaging for alumni, current donors, and grateful patient populations.

The responsive website was built with a JavaScript timer counting down to the end of the day and a progress bar to show how much money had been raised.
The site steered viewers to three main interactions:

  • Online donations - with a standard donation form
  • Peer-to-Peer fundraising - with instructions on how to set up a fundraiser, downloadable assets, and a PDF toolkit.
  • Social sharing - Supporters who are unable to donate at this time - with social media downloads


Circa: 2020

#GivingTuesday assets


Social Media Posts

Giving Tuesday Emails