COVID-19 Emergency Response

Role: Designer

Platform: Web, Social

Client: MUSC Office of Development

Relationship: Employee

Description: In response to the global pandemic, hospital lay-offs, and social unrest an immediate rollout of new web assets were needed to inform the MUSC community of event cancellations and new funding priorities as well as provide information to the public regarding new hospital policies and general information about the virus.

  • A digital hero wall was created to allow patients and family members a place to leave thoughtful messages to doctors and healthcare workers.
    CSV files are converted to JSON and jQuery is used to render the messages on the page.
  • A weekly e-newsletter was created to deliver timely information about the pandemic and hospital operations.
  • Sitewide updates were made to update banners, and introduce the new funding priorities.
  • New social media banners and cover videos were created and refreshed as better imagery regarding the crisis emerged.
  • Alerts and special messages were inserted in ongoing email publications and on standing landing pages.

JavaScript donation form builds the URL for the correct donation form based on select box and dollar amount chosen.


Circa: 2020

MUSC Hero Wall
COVID-19 eNewsletter