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As the real estate industry has continued to dwindle I’ve found it necessary to take matters into my own hands. In this down market I have a few options until the economy perks up: pursuing more freelance work, bagging groceries, or going back to school. I’ve already put in my mandatory retail time with Wal-Mart and food service time at a local sub shop, so I’ll put bagging groceries on the back burner. With my darling already in Medical School, I don’t think my bookshelf could handle any more books which leaves the freelance option.

Where does one find freelance work? So far word of mouth is working for me. Marketing research always points to a reputation being key, and I’ve spent the past 5 years building up my reputation as a graphic designer, web developer and general computer guru. Some even say I’m magical. Really they do, the agents at LAH Real Estate have renamed the Photoshop Clone Stamp Tool “Emily’s magical turn on lights, fix blemishes, restore shingles, mow the grass, trim the hedges Tool.” The liquify Tool is free Botox AND Lipo in one!

Product Card

Info card for Trade Show

What kind of magic do I make these days? Technical Illustrations for patents, postcards, HTML for emails, websites both big and small.

In the final stages of development I have a website for a home builder in North Central Alabama and I just finished m work with the  “Podna” project.

If you need a freelance designer, send me an email, or give me I call – I’d love to help!

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