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It is that time of year again. Time for presents, time for family, and time for the Marketing Department’s grand Photoshop feat.

Last year I made light of our small department with this image:

2007 LAH Marketing Services Department

2007 LAH Marketing Services Department

You might notice that the department is really just the three of us in front of a massive tree.

Photography by our trusty IT guy. Photoshopping by yours truly. Outfits picked out by those you see here.

There are in fact 9 Emily’s in this picture. You see, our marketing department consisted of one Linea and two Emily’s. Another reason I wanted to go with the doppelganger Christmas picture.

Onto 2008:

As last year’s photoshoped image had a great “wait, I get it now” appeal, this year I had to do something even better.

2008 LAH Marketing Services

2008 LAH Marketing Services Department

This Christmas, the Marketing Department was down one gal, so we added our friend, the Frosty Kid to our annual Christmas card picture. The Frosty Kid, as I affectionatly call him, is a great stock photo of a hand made snowman. Besides the Marketing Director, and myself and the Frosty Kid, the rest is all photoshop. Photos were taken inside the office using silver and gold lame fabric as reflective surfaces to mimic snow lighting. Outfits were in our closets. The snow, bubbles, snowglobe, etc…was all photoshopped by yours truly.

Dreaming of a white Christmas in a typical Alabama winter heat wave.